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Was the ‘Sita rock’ from Sri Lanka handed over to Yogi Adityanath ?


The auspicious rock that is believed to be the one where Sita sat till the Rama-Ravana war ends, was handed over to Uttar Pradesh CM by the Srilankan government with due respect. This stone will be placed in the Ramar temple, Ayodya.

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A 3-minute video claiming that the stone where Sita is believed to be sitting in Ashokavanam, Sri Lanka as said in Ramayana, was brought to India and handed over to Yogi Adityanath, is viral on social media.

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The video is viral across India. The video shows Yogi Adityanath welcoming Buddhist monks from Srilanka. An object in the glass ark seems to be honoured with musical instruments.

What is the Truth?

20th October 2021 dated News Daily India reports news, “Buddhist monks from Sri Lanka received a grand welcome in Kushinagar, CM Yogi and many ministers felicitated”.

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This article has a tweet of the Indian Minister, Department of Tourism and Culture, G.Kishan Reddy which says, “Performed ceremonial worship on the arrival of the Sacred Buddha relic from Sri Lanka on the occasion of Ashwin Poornima. Also welcomed Buddhist Monks on their arrival. The exposition of Holy Relic will take place During celebrations of Abhidhamma Day today at Kushinagar, UP”, along with the pictures taken on the occasion.

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Ministry of Culture tweeted on 19th October, “Honourable PM to attend Abhidhamma Day programme at Kushinagar on 20 October 2021. Eminent monks from Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar, South Korea, Nepal, Bhutan, Cambodia to take part in the event.

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The highlight of the event is the exposition of the Holy Buddha relic being brought from Waskaduwa Sri Subuddhi Rajvihara temple, Sri Lanka by the Mahanayaka of the temple”, along with the pictures.


The video claiming that the Sita rock was brought to India and handed over to Yogi Adityanath, is fake. It is the Holy Buddha relic in the glass ark and not the ‘Sita rock’.

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