Was the person who pelted stones in Srinagar shot dead by the Indian Army?


Yesterday in Srinagar, the Indian Army threw the pigs born to Pakistanis who started the culture of stone pelting again.



A video has been shared on social media showing the army responding with bullets to stone pelters in Srinagar, the capital of the Union Territory of Jammu & Kashmir, and asking what would happen if similar punishment is given to bribe takers.

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The same video is being shared with the caption “Indian Army threw pigs born to Pakistanis who started stone pelting culture back in Srinagar”.

What is the truth?

On the reverse image search of the key frames from the viral video, the news about this video was published on the website Red Bolivision on August 8.

This incident took place in Bolivia. For the past few days, coca farmers there have been fighting against the government of that country against the “parallel market” project. Police used tear gas to disperse the protesters. In response, one of the protestors threw a self-made bomb. While holding another bomb in his left hand it explodes unexpectedly.

Doctors said that the heavily injured person was admitted to the hospital and survived in critical condition, although he lost his left arm.


The video and information circulating that the Indian Army shot dead a stone pelter in Srinagar are false. The viral video is believed to have taken place in Bolivia.

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