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Was the Ramanuja statue made in China as Tuticorin Sterlite was closed?


The panchaloha idol of Ramanuja was made in China. 80% copper should be used to make the Panchaloha idol of Ramanuja. Tuticorin Sterlite should be operational to manufacture it in India. India is already importing copper, there is no other option.

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A 216-feet high statue of Ramanuja named “Equality Ramanuja Statue” has been erected in Muchindala village near Hyderabad, Telangana. Prime Minister Modi attended the inauguration of the statue on February 5. The statue of Ramanuja is the second tallest statue in India.

When Prime Minister Modi attended the unveiling ceremony of the Ramanuja statue, the media and social networking sites said that the Ramanuja statue was made by a company in China. In response to this, the BJP supporters are posting, “The Tuticorin Sterlite plant must be running for the production of copper required for the statue. So they went to the Chinese company without any other option.”

What is the truth?

108 small temples with idols have also been built in the ashram of Srivaishnava Peetadhipati Trithandi Ramanuja Chinna Jeera in an area of ​​45 acres. Proposals for this project started in 2014 and the entire project was completed only in 2021.

In 2015, a contract has been made with Aerosun Corporation in Nanjing, China to make a gigantic statue of Ramanuja. In 2015, the contract with the Chinese company was finalised, according to the statueofequality website. The company has created many gigantic statues around the world.

However, in May 2018, the Tamil Nadu government issued an order to permanently close the Tuticorin Sterlite plant. The agreement with the Chinese company was made 3 years before the closure of the Sterlite plant.

It is said that 7000 tons of five traditional alloys of gold, silver, brass, zinc and copper were used to construct this statue.


The claim that Tuticorin Sterlite should be operating to produce the copper needed to make the Panchaloha idol of Ramanuja, because of which the project went to China is wrong.

The contract was signed with the Chinese company 3 years before the closure of the Sterlite plant. Apart from that, it can be known that the project has been entrusted to the company as it is making gigantic statues in the world.

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