This article is from May 19, 2021

Inhaling the steam can kill Corona… Fake Letter spreads in the name of Coimbatore KG Hospital!




Over the past few days, arrangements have been made on behalf of political parties and in hospitals to inhale the steam. Condemnations arose that this would further increase the spread of the corona. Following this, the Tamil Nadu Health Minister had said that it is not right to inhale the steam in public places and it will increase the spread.

A few days before making such arrangements for evaporation in public places, a letter in the name of Coimbatore KG Hospital called for a “vapour inhalation campaign in Coimbatore for the next 10 days”. The letter is said to have been published in the name of Dr Bhagavatsalam.

The government and doctors have been warning people not to engage in steam in public. In this case, various opinions have been posted on social media showing this letter and asking the big hospital in Coimbatore to take this campaign.

Fact Check:

The details of the recipient name not mentioned in the KG hospital letter to be made viral, including the date, are not available. The letter did not appear on their official pages either.

The study, entitled ” Steam Inhalations in COVID-19 Patients (Steam-COVID) “, begins in January 2021, in search of a link to the study of the coronavirus. However, it is estimated that the study will be completed in October. So, this study is not over yet.

When asked about this, Dr Praveen said, “This study is something that has only recently begun and is unfinished. Therefore, it is not possible to comment on this. However, there is no evidence that steam kills the coronavirus.”

Speaking to KG Hospital on behalf of Youturn, he said, “We have not carried out any such campaign. There is no truth in such rumours, ”he said, dismissing the call. No further information was provided.

When KG contacted a doctor who did not want to be named, he replied, “This letter is fake news.”

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Earlier, we had published an article about the misinformation spread on social media that corona can be eradicated by inhaling the steam.


In our search, the letter spread o social media in the name of the KG Hospitals is a fake letter and the KG Hospital itself clarifies that this news is fake and It is also clear that the study referred to in this letter is not yet complete. Do not rely on these and engage in spirited activities in public places, it further increases the spread of corona.

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