No, this video does not show a Dalit boy being beaten for throwing flowers during Ram temple function in Ayodhya.


Organisers beat up Dalit boy Vishnu for throwing flowers during Ram temple function in Ayodhya. Brother, who told you to celebrate there, Dalit’s work is just to riot, to fight for the rule of Hindu Brahmin, to donate money to Ram temple and Ponga Pandit has the right to become a priest there 

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A viral video was purporting on X (formerly Twitter) that a Dalit boy was throwing flowers and was beaten by the organisers of Ayodhya Ram temple during the temple function. In this viral video, we can clearly see that two people are beating the schoolboy and the rest of the school students are watching this incident. During this time we can hear the sounds of the band which indicates celebration time.  

Similar claims were shared on Facebook as well which can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

We ran a reverse image search using the keyframes of the viral video and found the original video published in ETV Bharat on 23, December 2023. It is reported that two two-day Geeta Jayanti celebration was organised in Faridabad, Haryana. The government school students also came to participate in the function. During that time a student had thrown a flower at the girls dancing over there at the function. The two teachers got angry and thrashed that schoolboy together badly in front of all the students.

Free Press Journal reported that the two teachers believed that a flower was thrown at a teacher by the student and started beating him for which they faced charges later. Similar news was reported by Dainik Bhaskar and Punjab Kesari.

It was nowhere reported that it happened in Ayodhya Ram temple and even Ayodhya Police also refuted saying it is fake news.


The viral video of a student being beaten by two people is from Faridabad, Haryana and has no links to caste discrimination or Ram temple function. The video is of two teachers beating a student as they think that he has thrown a flower at a staff or a female student in the Geeta Jayanti celebration.

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