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False photo spread as the position of the former Defense Minister of Sudan!


He was the Minister of Defense of Sudan .. If Allah wills, it is time to change our lives ..

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The post has been shared on social media with religious words claiming to be Sudan’s former defence minister, comparing a photo of an elderly man with a slim figure and a photo of a man in military uniform.

Readers are asked to post about its authenticity.

Fact Check:

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A reverse image search of the viral photo revealed that “thousands of Kenyans are starving in the Northeast of the country” on March 19, 2019 on the Twitter page TV47 Kenya.

In 2019, the BBC English news article featured a photo of the same old man in an article about the hunger of the Kenyan people.

In an article published in AFP in 2019 on the photos featured on the African-based fact-checking site AFP, they said: He and two other military leaders have resigned. Another photo was taken by a BBC journalist in Kenya. ”

Twitter archive link

It is noteworthy that another rumour was circulating that Sudan was the co-defence minister with a photo of an elderly man taken in Kenya.


In our search, we learn that the photo of the elderly man who was circulated as the former Minister of Defense of Sudan is a photo of an elderly man suffering from starvation in Kenya and that this photo was taken in 2019 by a BBC journalist.

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