Sudden hate for Maldives springs up yet another falsehood.

A video from Bali is used to claim it is from Maldives.


#Maldives is too unsafe for women for obvious reasons. Many girls have reported rape, molestation, extortion etc in #Maldives. Girls should avoid going there. #BoycottMaldives #Boycott_Maldives

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Since the beginning of the year, Maldives has been the topic of discussion. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photoshoot in Lakshadweep came out, there had been a media frenzy in favour of Lakshadweep tourism along with a disdain for Maldives. To make matters worse, some degenerate comments from some of the ministers in Maldives aggravated the situation and there has been a strong sentiment among certain sections of the social media sphere against Maldives which had resulted in spreading of several pieces of misinformation which almost resembles a smear campaign.

A video purportedly from Maldives is shared now with a claim that Maldives in unsafe for women. In the video, the women can be seen arguing with the taxi driver who is not letting them down and demanding for US $50. The women gave the money that they had and screamed for help as they pleaded with the taxi driver to stop the car and open the door. The post has gained good traction in social media with almost 47,000 views at the time of reporting this piece.

What’s the truth?

Looking at the video, we were not able to ascertain where the video was shot. However, as the women get out of the car, we were able to see the license plate of the taxi which reads “DK 1841 AAX. Using this, we tried to find out if the license plate is from Maldives. But we couldn’t find it.

When we searched with the license plate number as the keyword, we were able to find that the ‘DK’ in the license plate denotes Bali, a popular tourist location in the Indonesian archipelago. When we widened our search, we were able to find several news reports (see here, here and here) from Indonesian News outlets which reported that the incident took place in Bali and the driver had been subsequently arrested. The perpetrator is identified as Yanuarius Toebkae and he is under the police custody facing criminal charges which could lead up to 9 years in prison. See here.

The incident was covered in The Independent, Yahoo News, International Business Times as well.

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The video in circulation is actually from Bali when a taxi driver threatened his passengers. He has been arrested. However, this is falsely claimed to be from Maldives.

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