Sudharshan News falsely narrates the arrest of Mukesh Kumar as an abduction case


The Sudharshan News yesterday posted a tweet in Hindi which is roughly translated as “Mukesh Kumar, the resident editor of Sudarshan News, has been abducted in broad daylight from Gurugram. He had reached Mewat to help Hindu activists who were struggling. He was dragged from the driving seat of the car by goons from Gurugram’s Sector 17”. @mukeshkrd @mlkhattar

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The tweet posted by Sudharshan news channel yesterday August 11, created huge waves in the whole internet. The viral post in Hindi claims that their resident editor Mukesh Kumar has been kidnapped in broad daylight from Gurugram while he was driving a car.

It’s said that he was reaching Mewat to help the Hindu activists who were struggling with the ongoing Nuh violence. The editor was dragged from the car seat outside when he was driving by some goons from Gurugram’s sector 17. This tweet was shared multiple times by many users which can be seen here, here, here, here and here. The above claims were indeed shocking. Come, let’s see the facts behind this sensational piece of news yesterday.

What’s the truth ?

While we started our research using the relevant keyframes, we got our hands on the statement issued by the Gurugram Police, which is already making rounds on the internet.

According to the statement of the police, they have cleared the air by releasing a press note stating, it’s not an abduction case by any goons as claimed by Sudharshan News and it is an arrest from our side for spreading communal misinformation

What did the Gurugram Police statement say?

The police circular was in Hindi which explains the reason behind this particular action of arrest. The Gurugram Police press note regarding the Mukesh Kumar arrest is translated from Hindi states that,

“On 08.08.2023, a tweet was made from the Twitter handle @mukeshkrd based on baseless, untrue and misleading facts. Taking cognizance of the matter, Gurgaon Police registered a case under Section 66C IT Act and 153B, 469, 501, 505 (1) (C) IPC at Police Station Cyber East, Gurugram. The investigation of this allegation was being done by the police team of PS Cyber East, Gurugram,” the police said.

“Today, on 11.08.2023, a person named Mukesh, who tweeted misleading and untrue facts, has been arrested by the team of Police Station Cyber East, Gurugram in the above-mentioned case. The prosecution’s investigation continues,” it added.

What was the controversial Mukesh Kumar post, which led to his arrest by the Gurugram Police?

On August 8, Mukesh Kumar, the resident editor of Sudharshan News, tooks to his twitter handle, and posted a tweet regarding the ongoing communal clashes happening in Nuh, Haryana. In his tweet he went on to claim that, Al Jazeera, a news agency from Quatar was building pressure on Gurugram police commissioner to take action against Hindus. The tweet which led to the arrest of Mukesh Kumar is as follows,

“Gurgaon Police Commissioner is getting calls from @AJENews (AL JAZEERA NEWS CHANNEL). She is being Pressurised to act against Hindus. And @DC_Gurugram after getting the call comes under so much pressure that she is picking up Hindu activists from just about anywhere. @cmohry Please take cognizance.”

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Now, it’s perfectly clear that, the Sudharshan News has allegedely made false claims of abduction rather it’s clear case of arrest of the resident editor Mukesh Kumar by Gurugram police for his inciting tweets.

The arrest of Mukesh Kumar indeed is a wake up call to all the persons who spread misinformation in the social media.

As readers, we request you time and again to verify and recheck any information available in the social media before trusting it.


Thus, through our investigation, we conclude that spreading false information will not to be tolerated by Police and this case is a good example for this kind of hate mongering post.

Here, the editor is indeed arrested and not abducted as claimed by the Sudharshan News which is clarified by the Gurugram Police themselves. The police sends a message that, they will not accept anybody who spreads misinformation and will take severe action to uphold the law and order in the country.

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