Old video is shared as the crowd singing in support of Palestinians in the recent FIFA World Cup



Wow check this out.. crowd singing song for #Palestinians 😍😍😍😍😍 in #FifaWorldCup2022 #Qatar

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A video clip of spectators in the stadium singing in support of Palestinians is shared with the claim that it was from an ongoing FIFA World Cup match in Qatar. It is claimed as the first time in the world’s history that the whole Qatar FIFA stadium sang together unitedly in favour of Palestine against Jews and Israel. Such posts can be seen here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

The terrace of the stadium in the viral video seems to be open whereas the FIFA World Cup stadiums in Qatar have closed roofs. When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video, a Facebook page ‘Akram AbuMadi’ seems to have posted it on 26, September 2019 mentioning ‘Moroccan Raja fans sing for Palestine in their team’s “Raja” match against Hilal AlQuds “Jerusalem” from Palestine during Arab cup. The date of the match is mentioned as 23, September 2019 between Raja Casablanca and Hilal Al Quds.

When searching with the keywords from the above post, it is confirmed that a football match between Raja Casablanca and Hila Al Quds was held on 23, September 2019 where the supporters of Raja Casablanca expressed their support for Palestine by waving their flags, displaying banners and by chanting songs from an article published by ‘Morocco World News‘.

A Facebook page ‘Human Rights Defenders’ on 26, September 2019 published this viral video with the caption ‘Thank you Raja Casablanca, Morocco’.

YouTurn debunked several fake news that spread relating to the ongoing FIFA World Cup which can be read below.

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An old video of Raja Casablanca supporters chanting songs in support of Palestine during a football match in 2019 is falsely claimed as a recent visual from FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

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