This article is from Aug 12, 2021

Rumour has it that Chennai will have a branch of the Supreme Court !


Supreme Court branch in Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai. All credits to Modi.

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It is viral on social media that branches of the Supreme Court in Delhi are to be expanded to three important cities Kolkata, Mumbai and Tamil Nadu’s capital Chennai. Social media users seem to thank Modi for the action.

What is the Truth?

The Indian government has denied the news of opening branches of the Supreme Court in Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata. PIB has tweeted that the claim is fake and no such decision has been taken by the government.

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Indian Express article in 2019 states, “ Indian Vice President venkaiah naidu has suggested that the Supreme Court institute four regional benches. The idea is not new. Apart from the Law Commission, Congress manifesto for this year too had this idea. But the idea has not developed into a serious debate, and the Supreme Court itself has been opposed to these ideas”.


It is obvious that the claim of expanding Supreme Court branches in Kolkata, Chennai and Mumbai is fake. No such information has been found in Indian government official statements. Rather we could find the news of denying the claim.

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