Was ‘Shame on you BBC’ slogan raised in London against BBC documentary on Modi?



Take Down BBC – Shame on you , Protests are already started in UK against Its propaganda against India/Modi Ji  , where are you Indians  ???  🤬🤬 searching documentary on internet 🤔🤔🤔

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The recent documentary by BBC on the 2002 Gujarat riots which labeled Narendra Modi as the direct responsible person for the violence that occurred raises controversy among the political parties across the nation. It became a topic across the world when the documentary screening was banned by the central government. Meanwhile, a video of a massive crowd raising ‘Shame on you BBC’ slogans is circulated widely on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook with the claim that the slogans against BBC were raised in support of Narendra Modi. Posts with a similar claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with the keywords ‘shame on you BBC’ on Google, not many relevant results were displayed. When searching with the same keywords on Twitter, we found a few tweets with the same video revealing that the video is true but the claim that the ‘shame on you’ slogans were raised against BBC for the documentary aired against Modi is false.

James Cintolo, a Twitter user posted the viral video on 23, January 2023 with the caption “BBC Ignores Largest Vaccine Injury Protest In Recent History Occurring Outside Of BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place, London On Jan 21st, 2023”.

The logo of Oracle Films is found on the viral video and the Oracle Films tweeted the same video on 23, January 2023 mentioning that it happened in London on 21, January 2023. The tweet also mentions the name ‘Truth be told’, and the logo of the same is also found in the viral video. ‘Truth be Told’ Twitter page posted the video on 23 January, 2023.

With further search, it is found from their website that ‘Truth be Told’ is an awareness campaign on the negative results of Covid-19 vaccination.

When searching for the details, we found ‘Rolling Stone’ covering the anti-vaccination protest news. America’s infamous right-wing site Info Wars published an article on 24, January 2023 titled ‘Epic Anti-Covid Vaxx Protest! Massive Crowd Descends On BBC Headquarters In London’ with the viral video in it.

The Independent’ YouTube channel published a video with matching visuals of the viral video on 21, January 2023 mentioning that a crowd of people said to be injured by the Covid vaccine gathered and protested in front of BBC.

A Twitter user with the account named ‘Local Experimentalist UK’ tweeted on 11, January 2023 that he will be attending next protest by ‘Truth be Told’.


We also found a live video of the protest on his Youtube channel, in which the slogans can be heard at 1.08.00 minutes matching the visuals from the viral video.


It is found that the video of vaccine injury protest in front of the BBC broadcasting house, London where the protesters raised ‘Shame on you BBC’ is falsely shared that the slogans were raised as BBC aired a documentary against Modi recently.

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