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Did the Taliban fly a US helicopter with a dead human hanging from the helicopter ?


It is shocking to see the Taliban flying the military helicopter left by the US in the skies of Kandahar hanging the dead body of an Afghan who worked as a translator for the Americans from the helicopter.

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Taliban seized weapons and armoured vehicles left behind by US forces. In this scenario, a viral video on social media is now on media channels too. It claimed that the military helicopter left behind by the US forces is flown by the Taliban in Kandahar hanging the dead body of an Afghan who worked as a translator for Americans.

What is the Truth?

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A few videos along with photographs of Taliban flying American military helicopter are tweeted on 30th August on the Twitter handle of a person named Jahid Jalal.

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This video becomes viral along with misinformation in India after which he again retweeted the post saying, “I captured this video a day ago in Kandahar when Taliban chases a plane. This has been done to fix a flag there. You can see a Taliban picking his phone to take a picture. Indian and other media outlets are lying that the Taliban have brought in interpreters”.

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Bilal Sarwary, an Afghan Journalist has tweeted saying that the person seen was trying to install a Taliban flag from the air which did not work in the end.

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Khan Mohammed from Kandahar has posted on his Facebook page on 30th August a video of the person hanging from the US helicopter trying to fix a flag on the tallest pole. He also has mentioned that the plan of installing the Taliban flag in the Governor’s palace in Kandahar did not work in the end.


A viral video that claimed to be Taliban flying the US military helicopter in Kandahar hanging the dead body of the Afghan translator from the helicopter is fake.

The person hanging from the helicopter is alive and not dead. He tried to install a Taliban flag on a pole in Governor’s palace in Kandahar, said an Afghan journalist through his social media posts.

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