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“Dravida nal thirunaadum” or “Tamilar nal thirunaandum” ?. Which is the original version of “Tamilthaai Vaazhthu” ?


Their intention is clear as they have edited “Tamilar nal thirunaadum” and incorporated “Dravida nal thirunaadum” to insult Manonmaniam Sundaranar

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The famous Manonmaniam book by Sundaranar featured “NEERARUM KADALUDUTHA NILAMADANDHAI KEZHILOLUGUM” poetry which has been recognised as the “Tamilthaai vaazhthu by Tamilnadu Government. .The poetry was edited deliberately . Let’s discuss it further

We come across social media posts projecting that Sundharanar never used the term “Dravida..” in his poem, instead he used the word “tamilar..” Similarly, a video recording was shared on social media claiming that he has never used the phrase “Seerarum Vadhanamena thikal bharatha kandamithil”. According to that video the original version is “kumari kandamithil..”

By quoting the pdf version of “Tamil dheiva vanakkam” from the Manormaniam book , Youturn has divulged rumours around the edited version of “Tamilthaai vaalthu” and proved that the above claims were false in 2017.

The article also discussed some lines in the poem that were eliminated by the Tamilnadu government to endorse that the state anthem focuses only about the pride of Tamil language.

Yet, the viewers were not convinced and argued that the pdf was compromised. They were not able to produce any evidence except for a few inscribed lines with a weak argument that it was original. Youturn had to ascertain the previous article

We spoke to Umadevi, lyricist and Assistant Professor of Ethiraj Women College, Tamil department. She said, ” Some lines have been omitted from Sundaranar’s original version and the DMK government has declared the edited version as the state anthem. If we look into those excluded lines, the confusion can be eliminated

Unedited version of Tamilthaai vaalthu (in tamil) :
எத்திசையும் புகழ்மணக்க இருந்தபெரும் தமிழணங்கே!

*பல்லுயிரும் பலவுலகும் படைத்தளித்துத் துடைக்கினுமோர்

எல்லையறு பரம்பொருள்முன் இருந்தபடி இருப்பதுபோல்

கன்னடமுங் களிதெலுங்கும் கவின்மலையாளமும் துளுவும்

உன்னுதரத் தேயுதித்தே ஒன்றுபல வாகிடினும்

ஆரியம்போல் உலகவழக்கழிந் தொழிந்து சிதையாவுன*

சீரிளமைத் திறம்வியந்து செயன்மறந்து வாழ்த்துதுமே!”

Sundharanar says that Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu and Tulu languages are the branches of Tamil. All these languages have originated from Tamil as Root language . He is assertive that these languages should not become defunct like Aaryan languages , they have to remain fresh beyond time. And regarding the “Dravida..” or “Tamilar..” confusion, she asserted that Sundharanar has used the word “Dravida..” in his poem.

With regard to the rephrasing of those lines, Dr. Chitra, Head of the Department of Tamil, Bharathiyar University, said “The lines have been excluded as it seems to be demeaning the Aaryan language. They might feel that those lines are quite exorbitant for a greeting song that is a ‘Vaazhthu paadal’.

For the sake of argument in case Bharatha kandamithil” and “Dravida nal were replaced “Kumari kandamithil..” and “Tamilar nal..” there would have been without any doubt a huge condemnation. But no fuss was made.

Conclusion :

By our search, we confirm that in Tamil thaai vaazhthu , the original version is “Dravida nal..”. It has not been changed into “Tamilar nal..” in the past. The posts claiming those are fake.

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