Multiple videos falsely shared as attack on Bihari migrants in Tamil Nadu


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What is happening?

#Sad #BihariMajdoor #Bihar #TamilNadu #RahulGandhiinCambridge

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This morning in Tamil Nadu, while going to the duty of Bihar’s Vaishali ji’s worker AndiPalayam, the people of Tamil Nadu tried to kill both the brothers on the beach road, in which one brother was attacked with a knife on the neck and killed on the middle of the road. The situation is very critical, my brother has been admitted to the hospital, all our brothers and friends speak to the people of Bihar, all the brothers who are working, don’t get angry with Tamil people, because you must know that Tamil people and Hindi people going right from…

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Tamil Nadu hamara Bihar sarkar kah

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It is being spread on social media platforms that Tamil Nadu lacks the safety and protection for the laborers from the Northern states. The spread of fake news that Bihari migrants are attacked in Tamil Nadu has created tension in both states. These rumors are being spread by the North Indian media and Bihar’s opposition BJP.

The Tamil Nadu government and the police assured that the migrants are safe and have asked not to spread rumours. Also, action is being taken against those who are spreading rumours. However, many false videos claiming that North Indian workers are attacked and killed in Tamil Nadu continue to be in circulation.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the viral images and keyframes of the viral videos we found that they are unrelated to the Tamil Nadu-Bihar issue.

Claim 1 – FactCheck

The ABP article dated 20, February 2023 is found carrying matching visuals from the viral video mentioning it as an incident that happened in the Sangrur district of Punjab.

A Free Press Journal article dated 20, February 2023 is found carrying a tweet of the viral video in which the video is said to have happened in Punjab. The article says that Sonu Kumar was attacked with iron rods by six members out of enmity.

The same video was earlier spread with a different claim which was debunked by Bulandshahr Police on 25, February 2023.

Claim 2 – FactCheck

Both the images mentioned in the post are related to a murder that happened in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu but does not involve anyone from Bihar in any way. Gokul, a resident of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu who is said to be involved in a murder case in 2021 was hacked to death by a five-member gang when he came to court with his friend Manoj who escaped with a cut on his head. Both images are related to a gang war that happened in Tamil Nadu and are not related to Bihar.

A BBC Tamil article is found carrying images similar to the viral images mentioning about the two incidents in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

Claim 3 – FactCheck

A Youtube channel ‘Anwar Goans’ is found carrying the matching visuals from the viral video with the title “MURDER OF GANGSTER ANWAR SHAIKH ! 28 RAPE, MURDER, EXTORTION & THREATE CASES” uploaded in August 2021. It is mentioned in the description that Anwar Sheikh was murdered in Haveri, Karnataka. The Times of India article dated August 2021 mentioned that Shaikh who had several cases booked against him at several police stations across Goa was killed in an inter-gang rivalry in Karnataka.

Multiple other videos were also doing the rounds on the internet claiming as attacks on Bihari migrants in Tamil Nadu. YouTurn fact-checked and published an article on the same.

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It is found that multiple old and unrelated videos are falsely shared as Bihar migrants are being attacked in Tamil Nadu.

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