This article is from Jul 19, 2021

Did ‘Tamilkelvi’ Senthilvel say he is a Missionary agent in an interview? Did Polimer news report on that matter?


I am a missionary mercenary. Even if the BJP does good, my only job is to oppose it. My job is to spread anti-BJP messages. – Controversial interview by ‘Tamilkelvi’ Senthilvel.

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A news card of the polymer channel has been circulating in social media claiming that Senthil Vel, a journalist who runs the Tamilkelvi YouTube channel, said in an interview, “I am a missionary mercenary. Even if the BJP does good, my job is to spread anti-BJP news.”

What’s the truth?

There are spelling mistakes on the news card which is alleged to be published by Polimer news and being circulated as a controversial speech by the Senthilvel in an interview. However, when searching on its Facebook page about the Polimer News Card dated July 13, no such news was published. Moreover, there is no official Polimer news watermark in the viral news card.


On July 13, the news of the High Court order regarding actor Vijay’s Rolls Royce car was released. Only the news card related to Vijay was found while doing a reverse image search for the viral news card.

Earlier, we published an article regarding a viral tweet shared from a fake Twitter page under the nameSenthil Vel.


In our search, the news card of the Polimer channel which is being spread as a controversial interview of Tamilkelvi Senthilvel can be identified as an edited and a fake news card.

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