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Old photo teasingly spread like a bus accident after Lockdown!


After being on rest for six months, suddenly got into the bus… the driver had forgotten, where is the brake, where is the accelerator!! Place; Aruvankadu

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Buses are starting to run as usual with restrictions after relaxations were announced from the general shutdown caused by the Corona pandemic. In this situation, the photo climing to be Tamil Nadu government bus overturned in an accident taken after the general shutdown has gone viral on the social networking site.

The bus service within the district was active in June after the Corona general shutdown, which began on March 21. However, bus service was suspended due to the corona spread. Since then, the bus service within the district has now been launched since September 1st. This post about the bus accident may have started to spread for fun. However, many posts refer this as a recent to this incident.

Aruvankadu is located in the Nilgiris district. There were no reports of an accident in the Aruvankadu area after the bus service resumed. On the contrary, it has been reported that passengers are congested due to the low number of buses operating in the Nilgiris.

Crowds of people in the area where the bus overturns are seen without masks and social distance. Therefore, the bus accident may be old news. While doing a reverse image search for the photo, on October 22, 2018, on the website, it was reported that a government bus heading to Nellai-Tenkasi had crashed near Alangulam.

While searching for the news, a government bus travelling from Nellai to Tenkasi overturned in Nallur. Of these, one was killed and 30 were injured, according to news reports on October 22, 2018.

In 2018, a photo of a government bus travelling on the Nellai-Tenkasi road overturned in an accident has been falsely circulated after the Corona public shutdown. It is not right to tease drivers with this.


In our search, we came to know that the photo shared as the overturned Tamil Nadu government bus which was taken six months after the Corona shutdown in Aruvankadu, was an accident that happened 2 years ago in Nellai.

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