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Election Field: Fake news spread as political party leaders saying!


The DMK’s election manifesto is excellent and contains many good plans for Tamils; There is need for our party if DMK implements the promises made in the election manifesto.

If Hindus lay hands on the Periyar statue, we will demolish Hindu temples – MK Stalin

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We have already seen the spread of the news template similar to the one in which the NTK Party’s co-ordinator Seeman praised DMK’s election manifesto. Youturn readers who shared this with us and asking about the authenticity of these.

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Seeman questioned whether the DMK’s election manifesto was a blank slate, questioning what is the sudden concerns on Sri Lankan Tamils. For this, it is possible to know that such a fake message is being edited and spread on social networking sites.

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With the Thandhi TV News Card dated 2018  “Stalin says that he will demolish Hindu temples if they touch the Periyar statue and he is the one who also says that Hindu temples will be renovated at a cost of Rs 1000 crore.”

But, this is a fake news card that has been edited. There were no reports that MK Stalin had said he would demolish Hindu temples.

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Moreover, in 2018, MK Stalin posted his Twitter page that, recently, some anti-social activists with political views on the DMK and me have been posting fake posts in the name of my Twitter account fakely where I had made spoken that comments nowhere. I have lodged a complaint with the police demanding immediate action against the perpetrators of this heinous act, ”he said.

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In a televised poll, the real face of the DMK, which opposes Hindus, was torn. Stalin opposes Hindus by saying, “Think and vote, Hindus.” They are sharing a template on a televised poll.

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We have already published the article that this Thandhi TV poll template is fake and Thandhi TV did not conduct such a poll. But now they are spreading again at election time.

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With the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections approaching, fake news cards and fake news cards against every political party and political leader like AIADMK, DMK, BJP, Naam Tamilar, MNM are increasingly being spread on social media.

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