This article is from Jul 26, 2021

Did Udhayanidhi agree on forming a team to change Tamil Nadu’s emblem ?


Udhanidhi Stalin said that a team would be formed to change Tamil Nadu state’s emblem and a report on the same would also be submitted.

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Srivilliputhur temple tower is said to be in Tamil Nadu state’s emblem. A news card claiming to be the ‘Sun News’ channel’s card contains the information that Udhayanidhi Stalin said a team is to be formed to change the emblem since it denotes a specific religion.

It is shared by social media users along with the screenshot of the same information that was shared on the ‘Tamildesam’ website on 21st July.

What is the truth?

When the official page of Sun news was checked we could not find any such news card. But we found that one of the July 26th news cards has been edited and spread.

If DMK MLA Udhayanidhi Stalin has uttered that a team would be formed to change Tamil Nadu’s emblem or has posted anything on it, then it would surely have created controversies and condemnation including debates across news channels. But no such news was found claiming Udhayanidhi talking or sharing about the state emblem.

When we spoke to DMK Spokesperson Constantine Ravindran on this, he said to us, “Why would Udhayanidhi say so? This is baseless. He did not say anything about the state emblem. It is a rumour”.


Rumour has it that Udhayanidhi talked about forming a team to change the state emblem since it represents a specific religion. The news card claimed to be the ‘Sun News’ channel’s card is an edited one.

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