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Has the GDP of Tamil Nadu grown 764 times in the last 50 years?


The “Dream Tamilnadu” movement hopes that this data will be the optimal for the conversion of those who say that there has been no major growth in Tamil Nadu in the last 50 years and no major growth in Tamil Nadu after Kamaraj.

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According to Suresh, Tamil Nadu’s GDP has grown 766 times from $ 0.34 billion in 1970 to $ 260 billion in 2020, and India’s GDP has doubled from $ 62 billion in 1970 to $ 2.9 trillion in 2020. Was giving data that was rising.

When asked by YouTurn to explain where the data came from, Suresh said the reference was made through World Bank data. Meanwhile, Purushothaman had posted on his Facebook page on September 23 that the data provided by Suresh was incorrect.

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In his post, he said, “they are spreading that the GDP, which was $ 0.34 billion in 1970, is now $ 260 billion, 764 times that, while India is now growing 47 times only from $ 62 billion to $ 2.9 trillion.”

Let’s look at the errors in this, if in 1970 Tamil Nadu GDP was $ 0.34 billion and India GDP was $ 62 billion, Tamil Nadu’s share in Indian GDP was only 0.5%. The only thing that made me doubt was that there was no chance for this. India is unlikely to be 0.5% unless it is at least 5% of GDP. So I searched for statistics on this on the official statistics sites of India. Statistics for more than a hundred years from the time of British rule are available on the official website of the Government of India. Here is the result of such a search (

In 1970-71, India’s GDP was 44,382 crore rupees, while in 1970-71, Tamil Nadu’s GDP was 2,371 crore rupees. Converting Tamil Nadu’s GDP from rupee to dollar is $ 3.16 billion. Instead of putting $ 3.16 billion, they are misrepresenting it as $ 316 million and spreading it.

Let’s look at the growth of Bihar. Bihar’s GDP grew by 2245 crore rupees in 1970-71 to 8824 crore 393% in 1984. In 1970-71, the GDP of Tamil Nadu was 2371 crore rupees and in 1984 it was 9151 crore 386%. During the first 15 years of Dravidian party’s rule, Bihar’s growth was slightly higher than that of Tamil Nadu. This continued for almost of the year 2000 (include the GDP of both Bihar and Jharkhand in 2000).

The Dravidian party could not claim responsibility for the astounding growth that took place in Tamil Nadu during the post-90s liberalization, all the southern states have grown since liberalization. This is to say again, Tamil Nadu’s growth was not hiked by Dravidian party, the growth of Tamil Nadu was declining. The development of Tamil Nadu should not always be compared with other northern states. Tamil Nadu should be compared with European countries. But the Dravidian states have compared Tamil Nadu to the northern states, which should grow to the level of European nations. Those who have already scored 70 marks should not be compared with the growth of those who have already scored 35 marks. Source: Page 114…/Estimates_of_SDP_1960-61_to_1983……/Agriculture…/page24-89.pdf

Purushothaman posted a post containing the values he found and also mentioned Suresh in that Facebook comment. Suresh said that your data was incorrect. There has been a long conversation with Suresh denying that the data provided by Purushothaman was false.

When asked about the data shared by Purushothaman on behalf of Youturn, the data released by the government entitled “Estimates of State Domestic Products 1960-61 – 83-84” show that NSDP in Tamil Nadu in 1970-71 was 2371 crore. The dollar value for the day (2371.1 / 7.5 = $3.16 billion) was $3.16 billion. But he has recorded $3.16 billion as 0.314 billion. And according to Suresh Sampantham, even if we look at the World Bank data, Tamil Nadu’s share of India’s GDP is unlikely to be 0.5%. ”

Year NSDP in Crores GSDP in Crores
1970-71 2371
1980-81 7218 8080
1984-85 12027 13657
1990-91 27673 31339
1994-95 54130 60734
1997-98 77302 87394
2000-01 119704 146796

Due to the unavailability of GSDP data for Tamil Nadu in 1970, comparison of NSDP data does not appear to have made a significant difference between GSDP and NSDP from 1980 to 1993 (see table above).

Tamilnadu 2019 GSDP Rs 16302.08 Billion $229.60 Billion
Tamilnadu 1970 NSDP Rs 23.71 Billion $3.16 Billion
Growth Multiply 687.56 x 72.46 x

( Dollar price :  1$ = Rs. 7.5 in 1970,  1$ = Rs. 69.7 in 2018 )

India 2018 GDP Rs 189584.00 Billion $ 2720.00 Billion
India 1970 GDP Rs 468.15 Billion $ 62.42 Billion
Growth Multiply 404.96 x 43.57 x

Compared to the data obtained, the growth of Tamil Nadu has increased by 687.56 times in the last 49 years, while the growth of India has increased by 404.96 times in the last 48 years. These are denominated in Indian Rupees. But in comparison to the US dollar, Tamil Nadu’s growth has increased 72.76 times in the last 49 years, while India’s growth has grown 43.57 times in the last 48 years.



He may have miscalculated the $3.16 billion in NSDP data in 1970 to $0.314 billion, or he may have compared the growth rate of Tamil Nadu with the rupee and the growth rate of India with the US dollar, as per the table above. However, economists say that Tamil Nadu’s share of India’s GDP is likely to be at least 5%, not 0.5%. It is true that Tamil Nadu has a higher growth rate than India in terms of these data, but the data that India has a huge difference of 47 times and Tamil Nadu 764 times as high as Suresh Sampantham says is incorrect.

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