This article is from Jun 17, 2021

Is an EMIS number enough to enrol Students from Private School to Govt School?


No child is required to have a Certificate of Transfer (TC) when enrolling in a Government school from private schools. All you have to do is give the child’s reference number to the school you are enrolling in. They will take your EMIS number. Don’t pay money to the money launders when they asking money for a Transfer certificate or EMIS number at a private school.



Parents who are unable to pay fees in private schools go to enrol their children in the government school. But a meme post has been shared on social media claiming that there is a way to enrol in a government school with an EMIS number, even if the school administration refuses to pay TC due to non-payment of fees. Readers also asked us about its authenticity.

Fact Check:

Contacting the headmaster of a Government high school, who did not want to be named, he said, “Students who want to join in a Government school from class 1-8 do not need a Transfer certificate (TC). They can enrol in a Government school under the Right to Education Act. TC is required for students wishing to enrol in 9th to 12th grade.

The EMIS number is the identification number of the students in 11 digit. When logging in to the EMIS website ( ) using that number and password, details such as which school the student is attending and what class he is attending will appear. Using the EMIS number student’s school details are updated on the Internet after the student at a private school has paid the outstanding fees at that particular school. The student enrolment above the 8th standard cannot be processed in a Government school or any other Private school without changing it. ”


In our search, the spreading post which claims that “EMIS number is enough to transfer from private school to government school without Transfer certificate” is incorrect. However, students who study in grades 1-8 do not need a Transfer Certificate (TC) to enrol in a government school. You can register at a government school without TC only when the student is below the 8th standard. However, students joining classes 9-12 are required to have a Transfer certificate.

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