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Tamil Nadu Govt. Hospitals have oxygen storage only, no production plant!


Two of the government hospitals in India are capable of producing oxygen. They are Stanley and Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital.




The second wave of corona is causing oxygen deficiency in patients in India and increasing mortality and patient distress. In particular, the scenes of relatives of patients wandering for oxygen in the northern states and the staggering events of hospitals caused a great stir in India.

In this situation, a post spread as that oxygen is being produced in the Stanley and Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospitals in Tamil Nadu is going viral on social media.

Fact Check:

A report released by the National Health Mission on April 18, 2020, published details on oxygen production capacity, storage facilities and ICU beds in Indian hospitals.

It does not include any hospital in Tamil Nadu other than Stanley and Rajiv Gandhi Hospital in the list of 34 hospitals with oxygen production facilities. While there are only 2 clinics in Karnataka in South India. All such hospitals have 100 beds and only one hospital has 1000 beds.

Next, on page 18 of the same report, 12 hospitals in Tamil Nadu, including Rajiv Gandhi Hospital and Stanley Hospital, are included in the list of 165 state-wise hospitals with tanks for storing medical oxygen.

In the tender order issued by Tamilnadu Medical Services Corporation Limited in 2018, it has been stated that there are 42 Liquid Oxygen Plant in 33 Government Hospitals in Tamil Nadu. These are all large storage tanks.

Liquid Oxygen Plant tank was used for the first time in Rajiv Gandhi Hospital in Tamil Nadu. The order to set this up was issued by the Karunanidhi government in 2007. Came into operation in 2012.

In May 2020, The Hindu reported that the Tamil Nadu government was increasing the oxygen storage capacity of medical college hospitals in Tamil Nadu. Of this, 2 new tanks will be set up at Rajiv Gandhi Hospital to increase the capacity from 20 kg to 60 kg.

Last year, Health Minister Vijayabaskar shared that the 35,000-litre Liquid Oxygen Plant tank at Salem Government Hospital would be opened.

Increasing the capacity of new tanks in government hospitals will pave the way for an uninterrupted supply of oxygen to patients in a timely manner. This is because Tamil Nadu government hospitals are capable of treating thousands of patients with high bed facilities. For example, the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital in Chennai, which has over 2000 beds, has an oxygen tank with a capacity of 20,000+ litres (announced to be increased to 60,000 litres).

The state of Kerala adjusted the oxygen demand in the second wave of Corona to the point of supplying surplus oxygen to states including Tamil Nadu. This is because from March 2020, the state’s oxygen demand was monitored and the oxygen produced from factories operating in Kerala was made available to all hospitals only.

According to the government, 72 metric tons of oxygen produced in Kerala has been supplied to Tamil Nadu. Hospitals in Kerala do not have the capacity to produce oxygen, which is produced by factories.

According to The Hindu in 2012, “The tank at the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital was built for free by Inox Air Products, a company that builds oxygen plant to the hospital at a cost of Rs 40 lakh for free.”


Rajiv Gandhi Hospital and Stanley hospitals in Tamil Nadu are not capable of producing oxygen. Hospital demand is met by oxygen stored by Liquid Oxygen Plant tanks set up in government hospitals. These are large storage tanks.

The Karunanidhi government has not started Oxygen-Producing Plant at the Rajiv Gandhi Hospital but he has started setting up the Liquid Oxygen Plant tank.

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