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Did the 11 abbots issue a joint statement not to vote for the BJP?


Do not vote for anti-Hindu BJP forces. Joint statement of 11 abbots of Tamil Nadu !!!

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The photo, titled ‘Ullatchi Murasu’, has gone viral on social media with a photo of 11 abbots from Tamil Nadu announcing a joint statement not to vote for anti-Hindu BJP forces.

Fact Check:

A reverse image search of the photo of the abbots holding hands went viral, and on April 14, 2019, they received a daily news item titled “Abbots interview should not vote for anti-Hindu forces “.

In an interview with reporters in Chennai, 11 abbots, including Perur Adinam, asked, “Is it fair for a leader who is the leader of millions of volunteers to insult only Hinduism? It is welcome that they say we are not against any religion. At the same time, is that word coming from the mouth? or a word that comes from the heart? People know that very well. Do not vote for anti-Hindu forces.

We need to see who respects us and who says we will not allow conversion. Identify who is ignoring Hindus. We do not say vote for the particular party.

Our demand is to know who will speak for Hindus and who will give voice. They said they wanted to show unity in this election.

During the last parliamentary election, 11 abbots came together and said, “Do not vote for anti-Hindu forces.” However, it did not explicitly state which party should vote for whom.

The statement that abbots should not vote for anti-Hindu forces has gone viral with the photo on social media sites since last year. At the same time, they are sharing the allegations against the BJP. Later it was spread that it was said against the BJP.


In our search, the viral information that 11 abbots from Tamil Nadu have issued a joint statement not to vote for anti-Hindu BJP forces is false. With the interview released last year, they added the party name BJP in extra and spreading the post.

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