This article is from Dec 09, 2020

Are there 5 consecutive storms in Tamil Nadu? Do not believe the WhatsApp rumor!


On December 8 the storm may come and the name “Tauktao”. The storm may come on December 17 as “Yaas” .. The storm may come on December 24 as “Gulab” .. The storm may come as “Shaheen” on January 01 .. The storm may come on January 8 “Jawad” Name that .. Weather station announcement .. Tamil Nadu is developing into a storm state… Five storms are coming in a row.

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Two storms, Nivar and Purevi, followed by heavy rains in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry, causing severe damage. In this situation, a forward message is going viral on social networking sites with the name of each storm with the date that 5 storms are going to hit Tamil Nadu in a row. Followers are also asked us about its authenticity.

It is rumoured that there will be 5 consecutive storms in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu Meteorological Department has not released any such information. Such rumours spreading on social networking sites including WhatsApp and Facebook.

Pradeep John, popularly known as Tamil Nadu Weatherman, wrote on his Facebook page, “Do not share such news with others. This is completely rumoured.”

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Many WhatsApp rumours are circulating that there are 5 consecutive storms in Tamil Nadu as it has been hit by 2 consecutive storms, we request users to don’t trust and forward these types of fake news without verifying its authenticity.

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