This article is from Sep 06, 2020

School and Colleges open from September 14th! What is the truth?


Report by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Mr. K. Edappadi Palanichamy (04.09.20). Schools and colleges will be opened on September 14 in Tamil Nadu. Students and teachers must wear a mask. Theatres will open on October 1st. Social distance should follow. Seats should also leave a social distance. Tamil Nadu will soon return to normalcy. Published by: Director, Press and Public Relations. Chennai-9



Buses have been operating in Tamil Nadu since September 1. Following this, announcements have been made that train service will be started in Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, a fake report that schools and colleges will open on September 14 and theatres will open on October 1 has gone viral on social media, including WhatsApp. In this regard, the followers asked us to find the truth.


It can be seen that the fake statement issued under the seal of the Government of Tamil Nadu contains irregular sentences. The Tamil Nadu government has said that the WhatsApp message that schools and colleges will reopen on September 14 is fake. Minister Sengottaiyan has stated that there is no possibility of opening schools in Tamil Nadu at present.

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