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Oxygen supply stopped by a Telangana ambulance driver! A video claims as police attacking him! What is the truth?


He is an ambulance driver… he stopped the oxygen cylinder line at the Nizamabad Hospital in Telangana. When the police caught and questioned him, he said that no one had died for three days, so he did it because he has no work and money as no one died.



The 1.18-minute video has gone viral on social networking sites as police attack an ambulance driver who stopped the supply of oxygen to a patient at Nizamabad Hospital in Telangana. “As no casualties were reported for three days, I have no work and money as no one died, so I stopped the oxygen…” he said

Fact Check:

Searching for information with the video . We found that in News 18 Telugu website the ambulance driver shut off supply of oxygen to the ICU ward . Corona patients were being treated at the Nizamabad District Government Hospital in Telangana. A ward boy who saw it immediately alerted the officials on May 24, 2021.

The ambulance driver said he decided to commit the crime because patients had not used ambulance for the past few days. The hospital staff handed over the driver to the police. The incident, which took place in Telangana, has been reported in the Telugu media, including Sakshi TV.


However, the viral video being shared in connection with the Telangana incident was not included in the news. While searching for the viral video, we came to know that the video was taken in the state of Maharashtra.

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A youth who was treated at a private hospital in Jalna, Maharashtra, died in April 09. The family members of the youth along with some BJP activists attacked the private hospital staff. BJP activist Sivraj Nariyalwale, who played a key role in the attack, was caught by the police and punished by the Jalna police on May 28, according to an ANI report.

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On May 29, the Nizamabad police posted on their Twitter page, “The viral video on social media about someone attacked by police at the Nizamabad Government Hospital is not right . Do not spread false news.”

Conclusion : 

We can conclude the video that went viral was not a video of police attacking an ambulance driver who stopped the oxygen supply to patients at Nizamabad Hospital in Telangana, it is just another incident that happened in Maharashtra.”

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