Telangana government accepting applications for new ration cards news is fake


Key decision of Telangana Sarkar.. • Applications for new ration cards will start from August 21 • Govt advises all the eligible people to apply. Even if the name or address is wrong in the old ration card, they can apply for a new ration card.

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In the viral tweet, it is claimed that, the Telangana government has decided to commence the issue of new ration cards where the applications are collected for the same from August 21. The post further added that the government advises every eligible person to apply even if their name and address are wrong in their old ration card. A similar message has been shared by another user which can be seen here. The user has also tagged the Telangana Chief minister in the post. Come, let’s see how much truth the claim holds.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research with relevant keywords, we came upon the article published by “The Munsif Daily” which elucidates the ongoing viral post with the statement from the Telangana Civil Supplies Minister, Gangula Kamalakar. According to the news report, Minister Kamalakar has clarified that false information is being circulated on social media about the issuance of new ration cards and is baseless. He emphasised that certain individuals are disseminating unfounded claims regarding the ration card issuance process. He further “urged citizens to remain cautious of such deceptive news and refrain from spreading inaccurate rumours”.

Moreover, this news is also covered by a channel namely “Big Tv Telugu” which clears the air by stating that Minister, Gangula  Kamalakar has refuted the whole piece of news, categorically stating that there is no truth to the claims regarding the initiation of new ration card issuance. He indeed warned the people to be aware of such misinformation and requested not to believe such fake news.

Thus, the post that claims that applications for the new ration cards will be accepted starting from August 21 is false and misleading.


Therefore, we conclude that, the Telangana government issuing new ration card and accepting applications for this from August 21 is fake. The Minister Gangula Kamlakar has clarified regarding this issue already.

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