No, the Telangana government is not providing gifts only during Ramzan.


No celebrations or gifts distribution during #RamaNavami or #HanumanJayanti by @BRSparty. But today KCR  gave “Iftar Daawat”to muslisms on ramzan month. Rs 2200 cr allocated for minority welfare in budget from which Ramzan gifts will be distributed. Why is KCR unable to distribute similar gifts to Hindus on occasions such as #RamaNavami or #HanumanJayanti or #Sankranti ? To what extent does Mr. KCR exhibit secularism ?

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A set of two images of Ramzan gift distribution by K. Chandrashekar Rao, Chief Minister of Telangana is shared widely on Twitter in the context that the images are taken when KCR gave “Iftar Daawat” to Muslims on this Ramzan month. The viral posts also further claim that no celebrations or gifts were distributed during Hindu occasions such as Ram Navami or Hanuman Jayanti.

The post also questions the secularism exhibited by KCR. This post was initially tweeted by Sheetal Chopra, and she deleted it later. However, it is posted by many other Twitter users. Some of the posts can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching for the gifts distributed by the Telangana government for this Ramzan, we found multiple posts about Ramzan gift distribution. Some of the posts on Ramzan gift distribution can be seen here and here. A YouTube channel ‘TTV News Channel’ also posted a video of gift distribution. However, the gift covers looked different from what is seen in the viral video.

We also found that one of the images shared on the viral post is old and is doing rounds on the internet at least from 2015. Some of the posts dated July 2015 are found carrying viral image and can be seen here and here.

The image is also found in the AajTak article dated 9, July 2015. The viral image is of Ramzan gift distributed by Telangana government but is old and not recent. We could not track the source of the other image, but the gift cover seems to be different from what is distributed this year.

The viral post also claims that gifts were not distributed during Hindu occasions. The people of Telangana celebrate the Bathukamma festival and gifts were indeed distributed during this Hindu festival and Christmas in the previous years.

Some of the videos of gift distribution during the Bathukamma festival and Christmas can be seen here and here. Hindustan Times reported about the gift scheme introduced by the Telangana government for both the Bathukamma festival and Christmas.

The Twitter handle of the Telangana state government’s initiative of Fact-checking ‘FactCheck_Telangana’ has also tweeted about the viral post quoting it as misleading. The post also mentions that the Government officially distributes gifts for three major festivals namely Dasara (Bathukamma), Ramzan and Christmas.


It is found that the images shared in the viral post are old. In addition to it, the government of Telangana is not providing gifts only during Ramzan as claimed but also provides gifts during Bathukamma and Christmas.

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