Telangana temple video showing 12 golden chariots gifted from America is falsely linked to Ayodhya Ram temple!


11 vehicles and a throne made of pure gold have been gifted from America for Shri Ramlala of Ayodhya.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over the Ayodhya Ram Temple’s inauguration ceremony on January 22. The Ayodhya Ram temple was then made available for the public to see on January 23 for devotees.

In this instance, a video that is making the rounds on social media claims that 11 cars and a chariot have been gifted to the Ayodhya Ram Temple by Americans. The post went on to say that everything is composed entirely of gold. A lion chariot and an elephant chariot are among the golden vehicles that are seen arranged in a queue in the video. You can view related posts with similar claims here, here, here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

Through Google reverse image search analysis of the keyframes from the viral video, it was discovered that the video had previously gone viral on social media in 2023 with the caption, “All new vahanams made of Gold donated by USA NRIs to Lord Tirupati Devasthanam.”

However, this isn’t a video about Tirupati Devasthanam or the Ayodhya Ram Temple. This old video was shot in Telangana’s Bhadradri Kothagudem District at the Bhadrachalam Ram Temple.

According to a video posted on the YouTube channel V6 News Telugu on March 21, 2023, “12 gold Divya Vahana Pratista to Bhadrachalam Ram Temple” was donated by NRI Indians living in the United States through the NGO “NRI Vasavi Sangam, USA.”

Similarly, ‘News 18 Telugu’ published a news on 25th January 2023 titled “Badradri: New vehicles for Ramayya.. more beautiful Thiruveedi Seva”. It said, “In Bhadrachalam Sri Sitaramachandraswamy Devasthanam (Bhadrachalam Temple) which is flourishing in southern Ayodhya, new vehicles are coming to replace the vehicles used for Swami’s Thiruveedhi Seva.”

The news also mentioned that the Vasavi Association of America has come forward to provide new vehicles. Garuda, Hanuman, Sesha Suryaprabha, Chandraprabha, Hamsa, Asva, Kalpa Vriksha sthastra kathas have golden thrones, and Gaja and Simha vehicles are made of brass. Some are gold plated.”

All the above information indicates that the video that is going viral was taken at the Bhadrachalam Ram temple in Telangana and that many of the vehicles are gold-plated and made of brass.

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Therefore, we conclude that the video that has been going around claiming that twelve golden vehicles from America have been donated to the Ayodhya Ram Temple is false.

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Indu Meenakshi

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