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Priest who was not cared by the Lord and the temple? | Who is he ?


The Hindu Charity Department does not pay salaries. There is no income in the village. The Lord did not see either. Old age. Walking in the big temples and climbing up and down the big big steps was not possible as before. But he worries that God will starve him if he does not come. That is why there are many saints who say that even if the lord give up, they will not give up the Lord.

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The Hindu Charity Department has been spreading a post, citing an elderly priest who left to pay homage to the Shivalingam, saying he was not paid, had no income in the village and did not see the Lord.

Those who share this post on Facebook pages and groups do not know who the person and where the temple in the photo is. Although no such details are known, it was possible to see the photo being politicized and shared. We decided to explore the authenticity of this post.

Fact Check:

Many people have been commenting on the Tamil Nadu government and politics, thinking that the old priest belongs to Tamil Nadu, as it has been mentioned in the Hindu Temple Department.

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KN Krishna Pat, who cleans and worships the 9-foot Badawi lingam daily in the Hampi region of Karnataka, posted some photos on a Twitter page last April while doing a reverse image search to find out who is the old man who is doing charity for the Shivalingam.

According to The New Indian Express on April 28, 2019, 86-year-old KN Krishna Pat priest cleans the lingam and worships with flowers and water at the Padavi Linga Temple in Hampi, a world heritage site. Krishna Pat came to Hampi 40 years ago from a small village in Sivamoka district. He has been going from his location with the help of locals to perform morning pooja at the temple. Ram Singh, Arif, Arif’s father usually helps. He has been ordained as a priest of the Badawi Linga Temple by members of the Anekundi royal family.

In this regard, Krishnadeva Raya, a member of the Anekundi Vijayanagara royal family, said, “When Kanchi Paramacharya visited Hampi in the 1980s, he appointed a priest to perform the Shivalingam regularly and asked the queen to pay him a monthly stipend. Worship has continued ever since. We pay the priest once every six months. I met him (Pat) for Mahasivarathri and gave him money. ”

Krishna Pat, who served as a priest, was not from Tamil Nadu. He has been ordained a priest and paid by the Anekundi royal family. However, in his old age he has been praying daily with the intention of doing charity to the Lord. It is said that he does not go to the temple puja at present due to old age and his son and relatives take care of the puja.


In our search, we came to know that the Hindu Charities Department of Tamil Nadu is spreading false information that KN Krishna Pat, who used to worship the lingam at the Badawi Linga temple in Hampi.


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