This article is from Feb 03, 2021

A wrong video spreading as that the Thai Health Minister is crying to be vaccinated!


This is the scene where the Minister of Health cries and sobs when the doctors try to vaccinate him, he is the Health Minister of Thailand!

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A 2.38-minute video said to be that Thai health minister crying like a baby to be vaccinated which has been mockingly shared on social media.

The video has gone viral across India as Thailand’s health minister cries like a baby to be vaccinated against corona.

Fact Check:

A search of Thailand’s health minister revealed that “his name is Anuthin Sarnvirakul and he is not the man in the viral video”.

The same viral video of a Chinese man being frightened when he was injected for the first time was released in the South China Morning Post on February 4, 2018.

This video 3 went viral on Chinese social networking sites over the past year. The Novel Coronavirus was first detected in December 2019 in Wuhan Province, China. This is not a video related to corona vaccination.


In our search, we were able to find out that the video shared that the Thai health minister was afraid to cry like a child to be vaccinated was not the Thai health minister, and that the video was published in Chinese news 3 years ago.

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