Image from Thailand is shared as Nagpur – Mumbai Samruddhi Expressway


Dream project of Devendra Fadnavis completed, PM Modi to inaugurate Mumbai-Nagpur Samridhi Expressway

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The Nagpur – Mumbai Samruddhi Expressway is all set to be inaugurated by PM Narendra Modi on December 11. In this situation, a poster is shared on Facebook with the caption that the dream project of Devendra Fadnavis is completed and Mumbai – Nagpur Samruddhi Expressway will be inaugurated by Modi. The poster mentions that the 701-kilometer-long expressway that passes through 1392 villages in 11 districts of Maharashtra will be inaugurated on December 11 and that the dream project was started by the government of Devendra Fadnavis. An image of an expressway is used in the Mumbai – Nagpur Samruddhi Expressway poster.

A website ‘Construction Week’ published the expressway image as in the viral poster in one of its articles dated 27, October 2022 titled ‘Maharashtra to build 5,267-km expressways across state’.

The ‘Nagpur Today’ article dated 21, April 2022 titled ‘First phase of Nagpur-Mumbai Samruddhi Mahamarg to open on May 2’ has the expressway image mentioned in the viral poster.

What is the truth?

When searching the expressway image with Google lens, we found 8 results out of which 3 websites used the image in their article about the Nagpur – Mumbai highway without any mentions of the image.

The ‘Mumbai Live’ article titled ‘Some land acquisition still pending for the new Mumbai – Nagpur road project’ published three years ago used the said expressway image. So the image was used even before the project was partially completed. Following this, the other two websites Nagpur Today and Construction Week too used the same image in Nagpur – Mumbai highway article.

Out of 8 results from Google lens, the ‘Adobe Stock’ website is found carrying the image from the viral poster mentioning it as ‘Aerial view highway junction, cross roads, interchange and expressway is an important infrastructure in Thailand’.

When searching with the keywords mentioned in Adobe Stock website, ‘Shutterstock’ is found with several similar images and videos mentioning them as ‘Aerial view highway junction, cross roads, interchange and expressway is an important infrastructure in Thailand’.

The ‘Dreamstime’ website also mentioned that the aerial view of the expressway is from Thailand.

The expressway is indeed 701 kilometers long passing through 392 villages spread over 11 districts as mentioned in the viral poster. And the Samruddhi expressway has been Devendra Fadnavis’ pet project, mentions the Times of India while publishing the news on ‘Test drive on Samruddhi Expressway: Devendra Fadnavis in the driver’s seat, Eknath Shinde as co-passenger’ on 6, December 2022.


The data present in the viral poster are indeed true but the image used as Nagpur – Mumbai Samruddhi Expressway is fake and it belongs to Thailand.

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