This article is from Jul 29, 2021

Rumour has it that Rangaraj was in RSS dress when he was young !


The person in this picture is Rangaraj Pandey who worked in Thanthi TV. Now you get who he is?



Rangaraj was Thanthi TV Chief News Editor (Former) and now is looking after his youtube channel ‘Chanakya’. Social media posts with a picture of a person in RSS dress with a pistol in his hand claiming it as Rangaraj during his training days in RSS is being circulated.

What is the truth?

Facebook link | Archive link

When the viral image is reverse searched we found a Facebook post by ‘Secular Sevak Sangh Vaishali’, dated 2015 which has a set of pictures of RSS members including the viral picture. But the post did not hold the information about the whereabouts of the pictures.

Facebook link | Archive link

With our further search, we found that this claim was being circulated since April 2015. But Rangaraj has posted on his Facebook page denying the claim.

His post dated 16th April 2015 says, “I wondered if few of the friends on the Internet are discussing something else with a picture when we are writing something. But the picture is claimed as my childhood photo and as ‘Terrorist Pandey’. Is he looking like me? Sad that he is getting scolded in my name. I wish people who find a minimum of six resemblances between this picture and the Pandey whom you see on TV daily to get 1000 gold coins”.

Rangaraj is 45 years old now. The picture is not too old to claim as his younger age picture. He has denied it with a post on his Facebook page. However, we couldn’t find the whereabouts of the person in the claimed picture.


The viral picture claimed to be Former Thanthi TV Chief News Editor, Rangaraj during RSS training when he was younger is fake. He has denied the claim clearly on his Facebook page in 2015. But the fake claimed picture seems to be circulated to date.

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