The dancing couple in the video is not Chinese robots but real humans.


Would you believe that these two are Chinese robots looking like real-life humans dancing with expressions. This is a 5 min show costing $75 per person at china’s Disney land. The crowd outside is so much people wait for about 4 hrs to get a ticket

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A short video clip purportedly showing the dance movements of a couple with people around them recording their moves is shared widely on Facebook with the claim that the two dancing in the video is Chinese robots. It is mentioned in the caption of the video that the Chinese robots that look like real-life humans are dancing with expressions. The duration of the dance show is mentioned as 5 min and the price is quoted at $75 per person at China’s Disney Land. The caption further mentions that the people wait for about 4 hours to get a ticket as it is crowded. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video with Yandex, we found multiple pages carrying the viral video. 

The one posted on the Instagram page of ‘Bachata DJ Don Corazon’ on 17, August 2020 has sufficient details in the caption. The video is mentioned as Bachata Stars Weekend which was held on 16, August 2020. Two of the bachata dancers including Dmitriy Davydov and Dilara Davydova were tagged in the post.

Another video from the same event was found posted on the Instagram page of ‘Dima and Dilara’ whose bio is mentioned as ‘Bachateros’. This video was posted on 25, August 2020 mentioning it as “C classes Bachata Stars Weekend”. This account seems to be the account of Dmitriy (Dima) and Dilara.


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The viral video is also found posted on the Instagram page of ‘Dilara Davydova’ on 17, August 2020 with the caption “So the festivals have begun… Thanks to everyone who was at our classes yesterday”.


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The longer version of the video is found uploaded on ‘Bachata. Dima and Dilara’ Youtube channel on 26, August 2020. The title reads “Dima and Dilara. Bachata. Moscow”.

Their website URL is mentioned in the description part of the video. It is found on their website that Dima and Dilara are Bachata dancers in Moscow.


It is found that the video is not of Chinese robots dancing but of real humans. The bachata dancers in the video are identified as Dima and Dilara from Moscow.

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