The drunken Hindu youths who attacked Aligarh Sadhu have been arrested!


Saint attacked in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Is the hatred for saffron clothes so prevalent now?

Take cognizance and take action. Kept reposting and commenting until arrested

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The 4-second viral video features shaky CCTV footage at a petrol station. Some cars are waiting to have their fuel refilled here. In this instance, we witness a man who appears out of nowhere and attacks the Sadguru in an orange robe. He also crudely drags him across the floor.

This post is shared with a claim stating, “Saint attacked in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. Is the hatred for saffron clothes so prevalent now?” The user went on to add, “Take cognizance and take action. Kee reposting and commenting until arrested.” One can view similar claim posts here and here.

What’s the truth?

We began delving into the viral video’s keyframe analysis, which led us to an Amar news article. The headline of the news story, which appeared on March 30, 2024, read, “Drunkards thrashed the Sadhu and injured him, the accused were sent to jail.” Notably, a screen grab of the viral video was included in this article.

According to the report, the two brothers, under the influence of alcohol, threw a monk on the ground and assaulted him badly. The monk got injured due to the beating. The whole incident was captured in CCTV footage. Acting on the complaint of the sadhu, the police caught both the accused.

Also, the article continued, saying that Sadhu Gajraj Singh, son of Lekhraj Singh, has made a living by begging at the Gangiri intersection. On 29 March, late at night, Gabis and Rajesh, the sons of Ramkhiladi and inhabitants of Majhola village, approached Sadhu at the petrol pump at Gangiri intersection after consuming alcohol. In response to a complaint from Sadhu Gajraj, the police detained Gabis and Rajesh on March 30. They were both jailed for disturbing the peace.

Upon enhancing our search using pertinent keywords, we discovered a tweet from the Aligarh Police. The police responded, “In the dispute between the two parties, preventive action was taken by arresting two youths,” according to the post.

All of this information emphasizes that the Aligarh police detained the two young people who had attacked the sadhu.


As a result, the widely circulated rumor that hatred towards saffron clothes is prevalent by attacking the Hindu Sadhu is misleading. In actuality, the UP, Aligarh police identified the two youths namely Gabis and Rajesh from the Hindu community responsible for this incident. Furthermore, they claimed that they were both intoxicated on March 30 when they beat the Sadhu and were consequently arrested.

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