Sriram Seshadri spreads the edited cartoon published by “The Economist”!


India’s moment , the world has great faith in Prime Minister Modi – The Economist

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On Twitter, BJP supporter Sriram Seshadri said, “The Economist” has published a cartoon in which Prime Minister Modi is seemed to be flying on an electric car over old vehicles with the caption, “The world has great faith in Prime Minister Modi”. He shared it mentioning “If left-wing media like ‘The Economist’ supports ‘sangis’ then where would we go”.

What is the Truth?

When doing a reverse image search of a cartoon image shared by Sriram Seshadri, the real news published on May 12 by The Economist was found.

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‘The Economist’ tweeted, “Fate, inher­itance and pragmatic decisions have created a new opportunity in the next decade for India. It is Narendra Modi’s to squander”. “India’s moment. Will Modi blow it?”, mentioned in the cartoon.

‘The Economist’s cartoon image description “India’s moment. Will Modi blow it?”, is edited as “India’s moment. World has great faith in PM Modi”, and is being shared.


The Economist’s cartoon that mentions ‘World has great faith in Prime Minister Modi’ is fake and is the edited version of the original cartoon.

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