The film depicts lifeless children covered in blood, contrary to the theory that ridicules Palestinians


This is how the Palestinian plays the victim card in front of the world

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Since October 7, 2023, there has been a conflict between Israel and Palestinian militant groups led by Hamas, primarily in and around the Gaza Strip. Around 28,663 Palestinians have died in Gaza since the Israeli operation began. Among them were over 10,000 children, 7000 women, and numerous others who went missing and were thought to have died beneath the debris of demolished buildings.

In this instance, the 18-second viral video features a mask-wearing woman inspecting young children lying on the floor of a room. With their faces covered in blood, the kids appear lifeless. This post is shared with a claim stating, that this is how Palestinians play the victim card in front of the whole world. You can view a similar claim post here.

What’s the truth?

Using some pertinent keywords and Google’s reverse image search, we found an Instagram video that a Palestinian photojournalist from Gaza had posted when we first began our investigation. On November 8, 2023, he shared the video with the caption, “Mom says goodbye to her kids.” The hashtag “Gaza under attack” was also added to the post.

With further search, we also came across an X post titled “17 martyrs, most of them children, as a result of the occupation aircraft bombing a house in the central Gaza Strip’s Nuseirat camp.” This post featured four images of deceased kids lying on the room floors, all covered in white shrouds. These images matched the viral video. This confirms that the kids lying are all dead and not as the viral claim suggests.

While advancing our search, we got another article carrying the same viral video stating, “Israel Strikes Nuseirat Refugee Camp, Killing Dozens.”

According to the article, “The Israeli army carried out another strike on the Nuseirat Refugee Camp in the north of the city of Deir al-Balah in the Gaza Strip yesterday. The rocket that fell on a building belonging to the Shehhade family killed 18 Palestinians, including 10 children, and injured many. The casualties were hospitalized, and a rescue operation was initiated for those trapped under the rubble.”

The children in the viral video are confirmed to have died as a result of the Israeli army attack by all of the information presented above.


Therefore, we deduce that the widely shared video, which purports to show children acting in front of the camera and being alive, is untrue and inaccurate. What you see on the floor are actually dead children, covered in white cloth and drenched in blood.

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Indu Meenakshi

Indu Meenakshi is a former Microbiologist-turned-journalist, works as a Sub-Editor at YouTurn. She additionally holds Master’s in Management and English Literature. As a fact-checker, her job entails actively dispelling false information found online, exposing fake news, and raising public awareness.
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