The Free Press Journal released the edited fake image as Ram Prana Pratishtha’s celebration in Antarctica


Indian Expedition Team Celebrates Historic Ram Temple Pran Pratishtha In Antarctica

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The Free Press Journal posted a photo of three people from Tamil Nadu who went to Antarctica on a cruise trip, holding an Antarctic flag with “Jai Sri Ram” written on it saying that they enjoyed celebrating the dedication of the Ram idol in Ayodhya temple. According to the article, “In a remarkable expedition, C. S. Chandrasekaran, Venkatesan Krishnan, and Venkata Subramaniam Raju embarked on a journey to Antarctica from January 16 to 21, 2024. Upon their arrival in Antarctica, the trio, who represented the only Indians in the expedition group, celebrated the historic Pran Pratishtha ceremony of Ram Lalla at Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Temple in Ayodhya.”

Similar to The Free Press Journal, the same photo was mentioned on Dinamalar’s X post on January 23.

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What is the truth?

Upon conducting a Google reverse image search on the circulated photo, it was discovered that the image bearing the words “Jai Sri Ram” is not authentic.

The actual video related to this photo was posted on the Instagram page (rajuvsm) of Venkata Subramaniam Raju who went on a cruise from Tamilnadu to Antarctica on January 20 and is captioned “privileged to set foot on Antarctica, 7th continent, with Venkat & Chandra.”


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A post shared by Venkata Raju (@rajuvsm)

But the words “Jai Sri Ram” are not mentioned anywhere in the image. Likewise, there is no mention of the Ayodhya Ram temple.

So this confirms that they have edited the real photo as if it says “Jai Sri Ram” and spreading it falsely on social media.


Our search revealed that The Free Press Journal and Dinamalar’s report that Ram Prana Pratishtha was celebrated in Antarctica was false and the actual photo did not mention the words “Jai Sri Ram” at all.

This ascertains that the viral image is a digitally altered fake.

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