The Gaza hospital bomb video is old and also earlier used by Israel in 2022 with similar claims


Live footage of the moment Gaza hospital was bombed by Hamas own misfired rocket.

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In the above viral post, we see a video shared with the claim stating that it is live footage of Gaza hospital being bombed by Hamas.

This post has garnered around 5.4M views, 28.3K likes, and more than 13.6K reposts. This video is shared by many other social media users with the same claims and can be viewed here, here and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research with the keyframes it led us to the same video uploaded on a YouTube channel namely ‘ForISRAEL2020 ISRAEL’ on 7, August 2022. The 8-second video which was in Hebrew titles is loosely translated to English as “Watch: The Arab Lie exposed! The failed launch of the Arab terrorists from the Islamic Jihad from Gaza that hit the house with the children.”

This clearly proves that the circulating video is old and has no connection to the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel. Earlier the same video was used to spread the same news in 2022 and again Israel has used the same video in 2023 with the same news. So, this above viral clip is old and unrelated to the ongoing war in Israel and Gaza.

Also while advancing our search we saw the same viral video posted by a user namely ‘Open Source’ on 7 August 2022 with a caption, “Could it be a misfire by PIJ?.”

This again solidifies that the shared video is old and not a recent one.

YouTurn could not independently verify the context behind the video. However, the video predates the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas by over a year and is no way connected to the current situation in Gaza.


Therefore, we conclude with the available evidence that the shared video claiming Gaza hospital bomb attacks by Hamas is an old video from 2022. The same video was used by Isarel with similar claims last year too.

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