The half-truth and half-lie about Vande Bharat train in Kerala.

Social media uses old, unrelated photos to claim that the newly launched Vande Bharat train is defaced and littered.



I am extremely sorry @narendramodi & @AshwiniVaishnaw, I have heard tht this is the pic of #VandeBharatExpress after completing it’s first journey in Kerala yday. We may look literate at the outset, but uncivilized in reality 😥

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi flagged off Kerala’s first Vande Bharat express from Thiruvananthapuram to Kasaragod on 25 April 2023. This is the 16th Vande Bharat train that has been unveiled by the Prime Minister. Vande Bharat, a train based on the Train 18, is India’s semi-high speed train that has been tested at 180 km/h but commercially runs at a high-speed of 130 km/h as the tracks are not suited for the operations at such speeds. The trains average ranges from 80-95 km/h depending on the route in which it operates. After the inauguration of Kerala’s first Vande Bharat Express, many social media users claimed that the passengers in the train threw a lot of garbage on the train and posters were stuck on the train windows.

What’s the truth?

When we did a reverse image search, we were able to find that the image is from January 2023. Awanish Saran, an IAS officer, posted a tweet on January 2023 with garbage thrown by people inside a Vande Bharat train.

This old image, which was taken months before Vande Bharat trains were launched in Kerala has been spread in social media with false claims.

However, the second photo contained in the tweet showing the posters being stuck on the windows is true. Many news outlets have reported on the incident which can be seen here, here, here and here.

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In our search about social media posts claiming that the Vande Bharat train from Kerala littered and vandalized, we found that one image showing garbage thrown in the train is not from Kerala. However, the second image showing posters being pasted on train windows is actually from Kerala.

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