The Hardoi Railway track incident is falsely narrated with a Jihadi angle


#Hardoi, UP: Railway Gateman was beaten by suspected Jihadis for not opening the gate while train was yet to cross. They even proudly uploaded the attack video on social media.


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In the viral video, we can see a group of angry youth attacking a man using belts, steel cans, stones and they even use their slippers to beat him. The violent youth also punched and kicked the person mercilessly. We can also see two women wearing purdah and some people around them going in between them and trying to stop their fight. This quarrel video is shot on a railway track since we can witness the railway crossing line with the stones clearly.

This video is shared along with the message claiming that the railway gateman of Hardoi, a place located in Uttar Pradesh is attacked by some suspected Jihadis for not opening the railway gate for him to pass through. The users went on to add that, look how proudly they have even uploaded the video on social media. Many people have shared this viral video with similar claims which can be seen here, here and here.

What’s the truth?

While we started our research using the relevant keyframes, we came across this article published by, where we can see the same incident with a different actual narrative. According to the article, the victim’s name seen in the viral video is Mohammad Nabi Zaidi. He gave shelter to one of his relatives which turned into an ugly fight afterwards. Meanwhile, Nabi Zaidi’s relatives were travelling from another village namely Mahmudpur on their bike which accidentally collided with Praveen’s bike who lives in the same village, where his wife got injured.

After this incident, Praveen expressed his displeasure, when he got to know that Nabi sheltered some relatives, and then Dabang Praveen along with some angry youths reached the house and started beating Nabi Zaidi severely. They went on to surround him and started beating him near railway crossing number 21D-2E in the village Saraiya police station area. At this time some people standing and watching this tiff captured the video which was later made viral with false claims.

Not only that, the police authorities from Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh also responded with tweets wherever they got tagged by the X users regarding this incident.


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They have clearly stated that “In the referred case, on the basis of the complaint filed by the complainant, advance legal action is in vogue by registering charges under the relevant sections. The incident of assault with gateman is untrue and baseless.”

To top it all, Pihani Kotwal Sunil Dutt Kaul has explained the whole incident of the thrashing that happened between Nabi Zaidi, his relatives and Praveen groups in detail in this below video. He further added that necessary legal action will be taken after getting the matter investigated.

Now, it’s perfectly clear that, the above viral video has no claims as the social media users mentioned.


Therefore, we conclude that the viral video is a dispute between Nabi Zaidi and Praveen, a resident of the same village. This claimed incident has no links to the gateman of Hardoi and is circulated with completely untrue and baseless false claims. The victim belongs to Muslim community and the incident does not have any communal angle.

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