The Hindu family murder in Bangladesh doesn’t involve Islamists!

All the three members of the Hindu family are killed by their relative, Rajeev and there's no links to Muslims in this case.


In Bangladesh, three members of the same Hindu family were murdered by Islamists by beheading them at home. This is Islam…?

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“In Bangladesh, three members of the same Hindu family were murdered by Islamists by beheading them at home,” reads the widely shared post. In addition, the user added “Is this Islam?” You can see an identically visual post like this one here.

What’s the truth?

When searching for the news reports related to the murder with specific keywords, it led us to some articles published on

According to the article dated 30 January 2024, “Bikash Sarkar, 45, his wife Swarna Sarkar, 40, and their 15-year-old daughter Paromita Sarkar alias Tushi, were residents of Bottala area. Bodies of three members of a family were recovered from a locked flat in Tarash municipality of Sirajganj early Tuesday. Nure Alam, inspector (investigation) of Tarash police station, confirmed the matter, adding that they suspect that the trio was murdered.”

When we advanced our search, we got another article dated 31 January 2024 posted by The article was titled “Three murders in a hurry. The brother ended the family.”

According to the article, “Brother-in-law Rajeev confessed to killing his uncle, aunt and cousin together. Within 12 hours of the murder being reported, the person involved in the incident was arrested and the mystery was solved. Evidence used in the murder has been seized. These include an iron rod, an iron hammer, the accused’s mobile phone, and a motorcycle.

The name of the arrested accused is Rajeev Kumar Bhowmik (35). He is the nephew of murdered victim Bikash Sarkar (45). Uncle Bikash Sarkar gave him 20 lakhs as business capital. While the business was running, he returned about 26 lakhs to his uncle along with business dividends in various stages. This year, Bikas demanded another 35 lakh rupees earned from business from Rajeev. Also on January 22, Bikas pressured Rajeev to return the money due to him within seven to eight days and scolded his mother (Bikash’s sister) for the money. Failing to raise the money, Rajeev, frustrated by his uncle’s rants, plans to kill his uncle and his entire family.”

All the above information confirms that the three members of the family in Bangladesh were killed by their relative and there is no communal angle to the above viral claim.


We, therefore, conclude that the widely circulated rumor that three Hindu family members were beheaded at home by Islamists in Bangladesh is untrue and deceptive. In actuality, Rajeev, a relative, killed them because of money issues.

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Indu Meenakshi

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