The ice cream shop lady saving a little girl is an old and staged video


This man’s peculiar conduct alarmed her, and she trusted her instincts to rescue the little girl

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In the 2-minute 5-second viral video, we can see a small girl standing in an ice cream shop, and the lady who seems to be the charge is giving her what she asks. We also see a man strolling nearby waving ‘Hi’ to the small girl while the shop lady goes inside. When she comes back and after the girl purchases she starts to move on the pathway.

Meanwhile, we can see a black car standing on the path with its door open and the man standing near the path comes close to the small girl. The lady in the shop seems to sense something wrong and she goes all the way from her store walks alongside the small girl and prevents her from being kidnapped by the man with car door kept open.

All these scenes look like someone has been filming them for the whole time. This post was shared by multiple social media users with a claim praising the lady’s instincts and her as a ‘hero’ can be seen here, here, and here. Interestingly, this post was shared last year with similar claims which can be viewed here, here, and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research we noticed that many people in the comment section have said that this is a staged video and an old one.

We took that as a hint and used relevant keywords in Google which led us to so many articles regarding this false kidnapping incident. According to one such article from a Spanish news outlet namely, it has posted the same video with the heading ‘The video of the false kidnapping of a girl frustrated by a ‘refrigerator’ that sweeps Twitter.’

The report says that it has been proven that the scene is completely acted as was a similar video recorded at the same ice cream stand two days back. This proves that the viral clip is a staged incident and not a real one.

Likewise, we got another Spanish article from a fact-checking website namely “La Silla Vacía” stating that, “Video of alleged kidnapping girl is acted” which was posted on 3 March 2022. This clearly proves that the video is old and it’s a planned one.

According to the article reports, the video is from 2022 and it’s a scripted one which was created in order to “raise awareness” about the different dangers a child or a person face.

When we advanced our search we found the creator’s Instagram account namely renatachonlongecwhere she herself has clarified about the video which went viral in many countries and she shared those articles in the post.

She also added that, due to her health issues she was not active on social media since December 2022 and will resume acting once she gets normal.

All these evidence clearly proves that the circulated viral video is old and a staged one.


Therefore, we conclude through our investigation that an ice cream shop lady saving a girl from getting kidnapped is a properly planned scripted video and not a real one.

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