The incident of stabbing in MP, Seoni falsely shared as ‘Love Jihaad’.


“Love Jihad happened in Seoni”- Muslim boys were half murdered in the affair of stabbed a Hindu girl caught in the act. The accused was beaten up by the youths and reached the police station Religion Violence and

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The video was shared as a youth attacked a Hindu girl with a knife in the broad daylight of a bustling street and it is being said that it is the case of Love Jihad, which was falsely claimed and there is no communal angle in this case.

What is the truth?

The video was unfurled by Twitter users professing love jihad, where the Muslim youth stabbed the Hindu girl with a knife, and during this incident, people caught him and beat him fiercely, then he was handed over to the police.

On searching with keywords and keyframes of the video using Google, the news regarding this was published on 19th June 2023 in Seoni Madhya Pradesh Newspapers like Amarjula, Naidunia, ETV Bharat, and The Print which explains the incident in detail.

Based on the newspaper article, it is found that the incident happened in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh, where the young man Sushil Yadav attacked a girl who passes by every day coming from Chhindbari for work. Same as every day, she was about to go to work passing through Dadu Mohalla in front of LIB Chowk, Hanuman Mandir by that time young man reached there with a knife and started attacking the girl’s neck and hand. The people around were astonished and valiantly caught the man and took the girl to the district hospital for treatment and the young man was beaten fiercely by the crowd and handed over to the police in charge of Kotwal police station.

The accused is identified as Sushil Yadav, said Kotwali police station in-charge Mahadev Nagotiya.

And further investigation is in process and they have ascertained that girl was attacked by a youth with a knife and mentioned no communal angle like ‘love jihad’ in this case, reports the police in charge, to the Madhya Pradesh Newspapers.

Conclusion :

Here, from the above information the incident that happened in Seoni, Madhya Pradesh was ascertained, but not from a communal angle. Therefore, it is a false claim.

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