The Indian flag banned in Tamil Nadu Chepauk stadium claim is false and untrue


Can you believe it, Indian tricolour is banned in an Indian Stadium itself? Tamilnadu police snatched & disrespected our Tiranga during #AFGvPAK match just because INDI alliance govt didn’t want Pakistani fans to feel uncomfortable.. This is not an appeasement but treason!!!

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In the viral 23-second video we can see a news channel namely ‘News Tamil 24*7’ showing a police vehicle along with some policemen. We can also hear the host saying that the people standing in the queue are going to witness the match between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Also, we see a policeman carrying the Indian tricolor flag and then keeping it in the nearby bin and then lifting it immediately again towards the police van.

This post is shared with a claim stating ‘Can you believe it, the Indian flag is banned in an Indian stadium? Tamil Nadu police snatched and disrespected our flag because they don’t want Pakistani players to feel uncomfortable.’ This same post was also shared by many other social media users with similar claims and can be seen here and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research with the relevant keywords using Google, we came across the tweet posted by the Chennai police official handle under Mr Sinha’s claim post. In the tweet, they have clarified that, “The incident mentioned has been brought to notice. An inquiry has been initiated against the SI concerned deployed for bandobust duty at MAC Stadium. He was recalled to the Control Room. Appropriate action as per law will be taken based on the findings. Apart from this solitary incident, no other was reported. It is observed that many spectators are freely carrying and displaying the Indian tri-color inside the stadium.”

This clearly proves that, the Chennai police itself has cleared the air regarding the issue saying that an enquiry and called it as ‘solitary incident.’ Also we see the BJP politician Vinoj P. Selvam happily holding and posing with the Indian tricolor flag on the same day 23 October of the match between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

This clearly proves that, the Chennai police didn’t ban the Indian flag inside the Chepauk stadium.

Moreover, we got an article published on 24 October 2023 by the ‘The Indian Express’ titled “SI shifted out for ‘disrespecting’ Tricolour during cricket match in Chennai.” According to the article, ‘Triplicane DCP Deshmukh Shekhar Sanjay said there was no ban on carrying any flags, and that the police on duty were asked to watch out only for flags and banners with controversial themes.’

“As per the information we received, the officer stopped a couple of fans from carrying the national flag and later put it in a nearby bin and then took it. We conducted an initial inquiry and the officer was transferred to the control room,” the DCP said. The Chennai police transferred a sub-inspector for allegedly disrespecting the tricolor at the MA Chidambaram Stadium during a World Cup cricket match between Pakistan and Afghanistan on Monday. 

The above evidence clearly proves that the policeman has been transferred and immediate action has been taken against him for his disrespectful handling of the Indian flag.


Therefore, we conclude that the viral claim stating that the Indian flag is banned inside the Tamil Nadu cricket stadium is completely false. In reality, after the viral clip of a policeman recovering the flag from the bin went viral, immediate action was taken against him and he got transferred.  

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