The making scenes of Palestinian short film ‘Empty Place’ is falsely linked to Israel-Hamas war.


Hamas concocting videos! Kids have to fake their own death.

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Multiple videos in support of Israel and Palestine are being circulated on social media platforms. Not all that are shared are linked to Israel-Hamas war. One such video shows filming a boy lying on the floor with his leg twisted behind him. This video of filming a staged act is widely shared on X.

Some of the X users share the video with the claim that Palestinians are faking scenes where a child is shot by Israeli soldiers. Some other X users share the same video to claim that Israelis are making fake videos saying that Palestine Freedom Fighters killed children.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords and reverse searching the keyframes of the viral video we found that the video is not recent and it is behind-the-scenes of filming a Palestinian short film.

We found a video uploaded on TikTok by a user named Mohamad awawdeh with a caption roughly translated as “Behind the scenes of filming a short film about the story of the child prisoner Ahmed Manasra”. This video shows the making of the same scenes as in the viral video.

A Palestinian short film titled ‘Empty Place’ directed by Awni Eshtaiwe is based on the story of the child prisoner Ahmed Manasra. His Instagram profile bio lists ‘Empty Place’ in it and his YouTube channel says that he is a filmmaker.

We also found a video on his Youtube channel Awni Eshtaiwe with matching visuals from the viral video. The description part reads “This film is a window overlooking the vacant places left behind all those who left because of the occupation, not only Ahmad Manasrah, but rather 105.000 other “empty place” of martyrs and injured in Palestine”.

The short film is based on the video of Ahmed Manasra where he is seen injured on the ground. Al Jazeera Mubasher uploaded the video with the description loosely translated as “Video footage of the young man, Ahmed Manasra, whom the authorities carried out a stabbing attack because of the occupation”.


It is found that the making scenes of the Palestinian short film ‘Empty Place’ directed by Awni Eshtaiwe is shared now to falsely link it with the ongoing Israel-Hamas war.

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