The mother cleaned fish to make her daughter a doctor. Rumour has it that it is because of NEET!




The act of a mother who cut and cleaned fish in Thirukadaiyur, Mayiladuthurai district and made her daughter study medicine has been widely praised in the mainstream media and on social media.

When the Chief Minister visited the Thiruvarur area on May 31, he met Mrs Ramani, his daughter Dr Vijayalakshmi and his brother who had washed and cleaned the fish and made her daughter a doctor.

Following the news of the CM’s meeting, a comment was made from a Twitter page called Katterumbu, mentioning that they oppose NEET but congratulate the poor woman who passes the NEET exam. That post is being shared widely on social media.

What is the truth?

Ramani works as a fish cutter at the Mayiladuthurai fish market, her daughter has joined the Mechanical Engineering course after finishing 12th class, despite her desire to study medicine.

However, she sold his own house and jewellery to fulfil her daughter’s medical dream and sent her daughter to study medicine in Russia. Vijayalakshmi has returned to India from Russia after studying medicine, reported news articles.

Also, in an interview with her mother Ramani and Dr Vijayalakshmi, she said that she studied medicine in Russia. Vijayalakshmi, who graduated from Stavropol Medical University in Russia, is studying to write the qualifying exam in June to enrol in the Indian Medical Association.


A mother working as a fish cutter in Mayiladuthurai made her daughter Vijayalakshmi a doctor by sending her to Russia to study medicine and not by NEET.

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