The MP Tribal man for whom the foot worship performed is under discrepancy?



Big disclosure in direct urination case. Shivraj did the drama of washing someone else’s feet. Is the real victim missing? Mr. Shivraj, such a big conspiracy Madhya Pradesh will not forgive you.




In the MP urination case, it is claimed that there is a big disclosure where CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan performed a drama by washing someone else’s feet instead of the real victim’s feet, mentioning that the real victim was missing. Due to this conspiracy, Madhya Pradesh will not forgive, tweeted several users which can be found here and here.

What is the truth?

A video of BJP’s Parvesh Shukla urinating on the face of Daswant Rawat, a tribe in Madhya Pradesh’s Siddi district is buzzing on social media. Subsequently, a case has been registered against the perpetrator under the National Security Act and Sections 294 (obscene behavior in a public place causing disturbance to others) and 504 (planned insult to disturb the peace) of the IPC and he was arrested.

Following this incident, Madhya Pradesh chief minister, Mr.Shivaraj Singh Chouhan, called the tribe Daswant Rawat to wash his feet. In this case, several Congress supporters sprang up with the caption as the BJP is making a drama with the fake person.

It means that the person whom the Parvesh shukla urinated is not the same as the one whom Mr. Shivaraj washed his feet and not only that, the tribal man himself confessed that he was not a victim.

As per the recording of Vishnukant, the investigation conducted by ‘ The Quint’ says the news was misreported without a full understanding of the three posts mentioned by Rawat.

And according to the report, he was drunk and did not remember what happened that night, and moreover he was under the influence of alcohol. That’s why Daswat Rawat denied it as he is not the person in the video, says Vishnukanth. But Vishnu posted that Pravesh confessed to the crime of urinating at the police station.

Finally, Dasmat Rawat holds a recorded video where his wife speaks saying that the person in the video is her husband, Dashmat, and mentions the garments and short hair and, in particular, the hair that he shaved because one of his cousins (aunt) died a month ago, says his wife in the video.

Before Vishnu gave such an explanation, the Madhya Pradesh Congress Party posted a video on its Twitter page in which Dasmat claimed he was not the person involved in the urination incident. Then Vishnu posted the explanatory video of Dasmat’s wife with the aim of explaining that it was wrong news spread by the congress.

And moreover, this is not the first time Dasmat expresses a different opinion. Earlier, he told Vishnu that he and his family needed protection. And he also mentioned Pravesh Shukla ‘Pundit’ who was accused of urinating on him earlier that day, should be released. And Vishnu also highlights two videos on his Twitter page saying that political pressure is the reason for his difference of opinion.

Similarly, everyone says that this incident happened a few weeks ago, and some as it happened a few months ago. However, the investigation revealed that this happened in 2020, says Sidhi Additional Superintendent of Police.

While various BJP members have been saying including Khushboo that the person accused in this case, Parvesh Shukla, is not a BJP member, an article has been published in Youturn with evidence that he is a BJP member.

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Here, in our search, the news spread by Congress pages is found to be false. The person who was actually affected in the urination incident and the person who was brought by the Chief Minister to wash feet are not different persons. Therefore, it is a false claim.

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