The Muslim girl getting flogged by the boys is a drunk student and not a wife as the viral claim suggests!


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The 17-second video that has gone viral shows four boys in blue kurtas beating a girl with a stick. To shield herself from the constant beating, the girl wraps a white shawl around her body. This post is shared with an infographic claim stating, “Muslims beat their wives with thin sticks called miswaks.” While searching the internet we got similar claim posts from 2023 can be seen here and here.

What’s the truth?

After analyzing the keyframes of the viral video through a Google reverse image search, it was found that the video was not shot in India.

The photos related to this video were posted on the Instagram page atinkanews on October 11, 2021. It stated that “Muslim students flogged mercilessly for allegedly drinking alcohol at a birthday party,” and apart from the video circulating on social media, a video of the youth beating other students was also seen in the post.


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As we continued our investigation, we found out that the media called had released an article and a picture of this woman sitting with her friends and drinking alcohol. The report read, “A viral video shows the moment some Muslim students from Madrasa Secondary School in Kwara State, Nigeria were brutally assaulted for allegedly drinking alcohol at a friend’s birthday party. The students were mercilessly beaten up by some of the senior students of the school on the orders of the teachers as a form of punishment.”

Media websites like The U.S. Sun and Daily Mail carried news about this incident as well. These articles have stated that the students received punishment following their parents’ desires.

All of the aforementioned information makes it clear that contrary to what the widely circulated claim implies, the girl being flogged is a student.


We, therefore, conclude that the widely circulated rumor that Muslims beat their wives with thin sticks is untrue and fabricated.

The video was actually from 2021 when some Muslim students from a Nigerian school were discovered drinking alcohol at a friend’s birthday party. They were then punished under their parents’ wishes.

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