The News Minute Exit Poll Andhra Pradesh card is an edited fake!

Fabricated data has been added to the News Minute article card of the Andhra Pradesh exit poll from 2019 and circulated as recent.


The News Minute card of Exit Poll Andhra Pradesh

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The first four phases of the Indian election were held on April 19, April 26, May 7, and May 13. The next two stages are set for May 25 and June 1, respectively, with the vote count scheduled for June 4. The fifth round of voting in India’s seven-phase election has concluded, encompassing 49 seats across six states and two union territories, including Ladakh.

In this instance, we observe an online shared news card bearing the logo of “The News Minute” and the headline “Exit poll Andhra Pradesh.”

This post contains a claim in Telugu that is roughly translated to English as follows: “None of the exit polls survey organizations given here. Not Allatappa organizations!! Even Times Now, which took 6 crores for the promotion of government schemes, is saying that Jagan’s time is over!! These survey organizations have given a minimum of 108 to a maximum of 158 seats to the Telugu Desam alliance!! So, say it loudly Bye Bye Jagan.” You can view similar claim posts here and here.

What’s the truth?

Using pertinent keywords like “Andhra Pradesh exit poll” and “Andhra Pradesh news minute survey polls,” we began our investigation. Additionally, we used a simple Google reverse image search with The News Minute’s viral news card.

This led us to an article by the News Minute dated May 19, 2019, captioned “Mixed predictions for TDP and YSRCP in Andhra for Lok Sabha: Exit polls.” It’s interesting to see that this article carried the same viral news card template. After looking into the numbers on this card, we discovered that it has now been altered and is being distributed with different numbers to confuse the public.

We looked through The News Minute’s page to see whether they had shared these popular “Exit Poll Andhra Pradesh” numbers, but we couldn’t find any such images.

We have also attached a comparison image of the original and the viral news card for our reader’s reference below.

The aforementioned data confirms and validates that the News Minute news card displaying Andhra Pradesh exit polls dated May 15, 2024, is fake.


We, therefore, conclude that the widely circulated News Minute exit poll cards for Andhra Pradesh are digitally altered cards made utilizing the News Minute template from the past.

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Indu Meenakshi

Indu Meenakshi is a former Microbiologist-turned-journalist, works as a Sub-Editor at YouTurn. She additionally holds Master’s in Management and English Literature. As a fact-checker, her job entails actively dispelling false information found online, exposing fake news, and raising public awareness.
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