The overcrowded Bangladesh trains are falsely shared as India!

The video showing two trains passing over and under the bridge with many people sitting on it’s top is from Bangladesh


Safety is illegal in India

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The viral clip shows two trains crossing over and under the bridge at the time. Here, one train passes beneath a bridge in the 36-second viral video, and several people are seated on the roof. Additionally, we observe another train passing above the bridge, on which a large number of passengers are casually sitting and standing.

This post is shared with a claim stating, “Safety is illegal in India.” You can view similar claim posts here, here, and here.

What’s the truth?

Using relevant keywords such as “train with people on top” and “two trains passing over and under a bridge,” we began our study. In addition, we conducted a Google search using the viral video’s keyframes.

This led us to an article from NDTV carrying the same screengrab of the viral video. The piece was posted on April 14, 2024, and is captioned “People risked their lives to go home on Eid, not only inside the train but also on top of it.”

According to the article, most people who live outside of the nation or city take time off and return home for Eid. A different experience is had when the holiday is celebrated at home. People plan their trains and flights for this well in advance, but those who don’t obtain holidays manage to fly home at the last minute. Before Eid, train conditions in Bangladesh deteriorate dramatically. People can be seen riding on top of the train in one such video that has surfaced, titled “Over Loaded Trains in Bangladesh.” It’s normal to feel taken aback after viewing this video.

In addition to it, we found an article featuring an image of a similar intercity express on bdnews24 website. The article states that the train belongs to Bangladesh Railways.

Taking into account everything said above, it is fairly evident that Bangladesh, not India, as claimed, is the country of origin of the widely shared film, which shows two trains crossing a bridge simultaneously.


We therefore conclude that the widely circulated claim that the video depicting two trains traveling over and underneath the bridge originates from India is false and misleading. In actuality, the footage was captured during Eid in Bangladesh.

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Indu Meenakshi

Indu Meenakshi is a former Microbiologist-turned-journalist, works as a Sub-Editor at YouTurn. She additionally holds Master’s in Management and English Literature. As a fact-checker, her job entails actively dispelling false information found online, exposing fake news, and raising public awareness.
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